3 easy vehicle maintenance jobs anyone can do

3 easy vehicle maintenance jobs anyone can do

Vehicle Servicing and maintenance worries start from the minute you purchase your car! Cars can be overwhelming and stressful to maintain and properly service. That’s why we have created this blog to give you our best support to make your maintenance and servicing process hassle free.

How to avoid buying a car with endless faults

Before you have even purchased your car, future maintenance and various mechanical concerns can spike worry, what if my clutch goes in a week, what if the tyres are too worn, the list goes on. A good precaution to take is to read through the full spec of the vehicle, checking for things like age and make/model. You too should be checking for service history and previous MOT certificates, this way you are learning the most about the car to prepare for future costs.

3 easy vehicle maintenance jobs anyone can do

 Changing your cars oil 

  1. Beneath the car find the oil filter and drain the plug
  2. Once all the oil is drained, replace the drain plug, and then remove the oil filter
  3.  Drain the oil filter over the same oil pan
  4. Clean excess oil away from the filter-sealing surface with a rag
  5.  Smear a bit of oil on the new filters O-ring and replace it using an oil filter wrench
  6.  Fasten and secure everything tight, then pour the necessary amount of oil into the engine
  7.  Replace the cap and turn the engine on for half a minute for circulation. After turning the engine off, check for leaks, if it appears to be dry check the oil level with your dipstick once the car is level again

Changing the wiper blades

  1. Raise the metal wiper arm away from the windshield
  2. Unhook the old wiper blade; unhook it at the joint by pressing the stopper
  3. Insert the new wiper; slide the refill wiper into the same end of the arm you pulled out. Gently pivot the new wiper until the hook snaps into place. Then lay the wiper back against the windshield

Removing car dents

There are 2 process to this: pulling the dent out and pushing it

  1. Wet the suction cup (dent suction puller)
  2. Suction the cup to the surface of the dent firmly
  3. Pull with enough force to pull the dent out

If this method does not work try this

  1. Ensure you have access to the rear of the dent, this could mean removing panels etc.
  2. Use a hairdryer to heat the exterior of the dent for a few minutes
  3. Once the material is extremely warm push the dent out using a mallet
  4. If step 3 didn’t work but showed some movement, reheat the material and repeat until the dent is out
  5. After you have finished, apply cool, wet rags to the surface to help set the material

If this is unsuccessful you will need to visit a specialist due to extensive damage

At Prestige, we provide quality vehicles and offer full support and help through the entire car process. Not only do we go that extra mile to give you the best buying experience but inherent to our total solution is vehicle servicing and maintenance. We have direct access to our own fully equipped workshop so if there is any additional issue, which, you cannot solve with our 3 easy, maintenance jobs list then get in contact and we can help!