How to get cheap car insurance

How to get cheap car insurance

Having already published our blog on ‘how to pass your theory test’, as promised we’re now going to show you our best tips, tricks and techniques to minimising your insurance costs! This blog is going to really help new drivers and particularly young drivers facing the outrageous prices of insurance.

Whether you are thinking about buying a new car, have just passed your test or your insurance policy is due for renewal, car insurance can appear to be very startling. So we at Prestige have created our top tips and strategies to minimise these costs bringing your policy down to a much more reasonable and affordable price.

Where to look for insurance policies

There inevitably are tonnes of insurance company’s out their but finding and searching on the best ones can instantly bring your quotes down, below we have our top sites for you:

  • Money Supermarket – having done mass amounts of research online this has proven to be the most effective and cheapest comparison site.
  • Go Compare – like Money Supermarket, Go Compare is another comparison site definitely worth looking at.
  • Ingenie – specialising in car insurance for young drivers, Ingenie are a great place to gain insurance quotes from if you are under 25.
  • Admiral – offer a one-policy agreement amongst multiple drivers bringing insurance costs down but still enabling each individual driver to gain no claims bonuses and personal responsibility. If you have parents, friends or know any willing drivers with good no claims bonuses and driving experience then they can really help lower your insurance costs.

Optimising your quote searches

Despite having large quotes chucked at you for your insurance policy there are details that you can tweak in order to bring down your insurance. Below we have listed our top tweaks for you:

  • List a female driver with 5-10+ years driving experience on your policy – surprisingly having an additional person covered will bring your quote down in this instance.
  • Opt for a telematics box policy: you will have a tracking box fitted to your vehicle monitoring your driving ultimately as a good driver reducing your quote dramatically
  • Select the most secure options for your car – there will be various questions in your quote regarding the security of your vehicle. Opt if applicable for the safest options, this will reduce your quote.
  • Be cautious when calculating your annual mileage – on average 8000 miles is a good, safe option although be realistic and add a small extra to be on the safe side.
  • Don’t opt for high voluntary excess – despite contrary to belief don’t opt for high voluntary excess as this actually makes your insurance more costly, aim for an optional excess of around £250.
  • Be cautions of hidden terms and conditions – many policies have hidden terms and conditions for example a curfew to your policy.
  • Have a play around with you policy settings – each and every quote will be different and tweaking your settings alters this.

 Picking the perfect low insurance vehicle

Luckily we at Prestige can offer you our full help and assistance in choosing the perfect car for you! Get in contact with us and we can begin the process to finding your perfect, affordable and reliable vehicle.

When looking for a low insurance vehicle for you here are some of the things we consider:

  • Age of the vehicle – newer vehicles particularly within the last 8-10 years are going to be much cheaper to insure than older vehicles.
  • Vehicle brand/model – picking the right brand and model of your car is going to certainly effect your policy. In co-operation with you and your budget we can help chose the perfect car for you linking to your price range for both the car and its insurance. Simply, the more expensive the car the higher the insurance.

Get in contact if you need any help choosing your car!