How to pass your Theory Test

How to pass your Theory Test

Having clicked on this page I’m sure that you like many are in an overwhelming bundle of worry and stress surrounding passing that all-important theory test. However, you’re in the right place and have very little to worry about.

What exactly is the theory test?

In order to gain a full driving license within the UK you must first pass 2 separate tests; the first test is the theory test, which has to be completed prior to booking your final practical driving test. Your theory test takes place in a dedicated theory test center local to you, under exam conditions and is built up of 2 parts.

The first part of the theory test is the questionnaire, styled as a test paper. You will answer a series of questions on a computer provided with a total of 50 marks up for grabs. In order to pass this section you must correctly answer 43 of the 50 available marks.

The final part to your theory test is the hazard perception test. There will be 75 marks available and you will need to gain 43 to pass. Mark scoring is explained in the DVSA app. The hazard perception test is checking your alertness and concentration on the road, you will have to carefully watch a video in the perspective of a car driver and click the mouse when you feel you see a potential hazard.

Preparing for the questionnaire:

It is essential that you begin preparing way in advance to your test. You cannot begin preparing too early but you can begin too late! Passing your theory will not be too difficult if prepared for correctly.

First things first, I strongly recommend you grab yourself the following crucial and extremely helpful resources:

  • The Official DVSA Theory Test for Car Drivers Book
  • The Official DVSA Theory Apps Bundle: this will consist of 3 Parts in total: 1) Theory Test Kit 2) DVSA Hazard Perception 3) DVSA Highway Code
  • A copy of the highway code if additionally required

Utilise these resources well as they are remarkably helpful. The apps work in modules and as well as having test questions they too have study packs and module tests. The apps are going to be your main source for acquiring your knowledge in an effective step-by-step system. Having exhausted the apps of all its resources and tests you can then move onto your drivers’ theory book. Provided will be a series of mock print outs for you to complete in a suggested silent, exam conditions. Keep practicing these and checking your answers until you are getting full marks! These are a great way of testing yourself in a more realistic setting than being on your smartphone.


Preparing for the hazard perception:

Preparing for the hazard perception test is more challenging, as there is far less to study. Being aware, cautious and alert is a longitudinal skill developed throughout your life. Use the DVSA hazard perception app to run dummy tests and keep practicing. Get your mind trained and set into hazard perception mode from now on. Even if you’re a passenger in your mum or dad’s car, then just make a mental note of every passing hazard. This is real life application and good practice!

Prestige’s top tips:

  • DO NOT tell people your test date – this will take off huge amounts of pressure from your back
  • Allow time off from commitments the night before the day of your test – get a good nights sleep and do some last minute tests before you sleep (you will then wake up with the knowledge fresh in your mind)
  • Keep practicing right up until you have to leave to travel to the test center, this is for the same reasons as above.
  • Go into the exam room relaxed and confident (you’ll be fine if you’ve prepared for the big day)
  • Ensure you have been to the bathroom and eaten and drunk plenty before you go into the test center
  • Don’t forget your needed documentation and ID, you will be emailed what to bring
  • Don’t be too down if unsuccessful, you can retake and this time with double preparation!

Once you’ve passed, get in touch with Prestige to find your perfect first car.

Good Luck from us at Prestige!