Small fleet consultancy and support

Small to medium size companies can enjoy the type of fleet management expertise usually reserved for much larger organisations, with Prestige. Relying on company vehicles for the smooth running and efficiency of an organisation is too often taken for granted, until something goes wrong that is! And the latter can have a real impact upon your business and your customer service.

The purchase, maintenance and disposal of vehicles can also be a headache and any event is extremely time-consuming – time that could probably be better used. Equally important is the more visible cost of vehicles, which represents a significant cost centre for any business. Running costs and funding are just two of the many considerations that impinge on the day-to-day finances of your organisation, the balance sheet and the P&L account. Moreover, we all know that cars are a highly emotive part of an employee package.

It is for these reasons that larger organisations employ specialists something that we can now offer to small fleet operators in an advisory and/or actionable role.

This can include

  • Vehicle acquisition and disposal
  • Hire Purchase/Contract Hire
  • Vehicle taxation advice
  • Insurance management
  • Safety inspections
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Employee advice


To find out more contact Nick Pope on [email protected] or by phone 07710 113900