Car Purchase or Car Exchange

At Prestige Cars we welcome Part Exchanges against the majority of our cars for sale. We are also willing purchase you vehicle independently,  or to help you dispose of your vehicle through our trade network and contacts. Experience has shown that many car purchasers appreciate the appeal of disposing of their car through Prestige because its hassle-free and seamless and does not involve the anguish of private disposal.

Yes to Part Exchanging against your next car

We are always happy to consider purchasing your vehicle as part of a sale on any of our new or used car stock. We will of course give you a fair valuation based on the age, mileage and condition of the vehicle.

Why Part-Exchange with Prestige

Part exchange definitely involves a lot less effort than selling your car privately. You simply agree on a price for it with us and hand over the keys, knocking the part exchange value off the price of the new/next car. What we will not do is woo you with particularly generous part-exchange offer we will be transparent and realistic.

Unlike private sales, where you might pay to list your car on a website or in a local paper, part-exchange won’t cost you anything.

You also won’t need to spend time and money making the car look its best to impress potential buyers, as we will want to valet it before putting it on the forecourt anyway. And finally, there’s an element of safety and security to part-exchange that you won’t necessarily get from a private sale. If you’re sensible and careful private sales are perfectly safe – but there’s always the chance you could encounter someone looking to rip you off. When you part exchange with Prestige, however, you’ll be dealing with an established, legally-regulated business, which means you’re less likely to be taken for a ride.

Yes to purchasing your vehicle direct

Again we are happy to buy your vehicle outright without a corresponding purchase and will provide you with best price based on the age, mileage and condition of the vehicle. Of course this will be a trade valuation but its quick and easy – plus we will normally settle within the working day.