Stephen Fry’s comment on black cars

Stephen Fry’s comment on black cars

In the Series 3, Episode 7 edition of the BBC’s QI quiz show, Stephen Fry made this comment: There’s no evidence that Ford actually ever said, “Any color you like so long as it’s black.”

However Ford’s autobiography, My Life and Work, 1922,  includes this passage where Ford quotes  “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.”

Any colour so long as it is black? –  it is likely that Mr Ford was being somewhat flippant in making that remark. Model Ts were, in fact, offered in a choice of colour early in the car’s lifetime around 1908, and again after 1926. However The statement was true when Ford’s biography was published, in 1922, and when he was cutting costs by using a type of quick-drying paint that was only then available in black.

If black is you favourite colour here at Prestige we have a selection of several balck cars – 7 in fact amongst them a Ford Focus Titanium estate which has a very low mileage and a very high specification including park assistance and lane control – things have moved on somewhat since the Model T.

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