10 car safety checks for a long journey

If you’re going on a long journey, the last thing you want is for your car to break down! These are 10 essential car safety checks you should always make before embarking.

Engine Oil
Your engine oil keeps your engine going and your car running smoothly. To check your engine oil, locate the dipstick under the bonnet and see where the oil comes up to. It’s very easy to top up the engine oil if needed, but make sure you use the right type from your handbook.

Water Levels
Every week you should check your coolant level. It should be between the minimum and maximum marks. Always check this when your engine is cold. If the weather is cold, it might be worth also checking your anti-freeze.

Not having suitable screenwash is actually against the law. You should keep your screenwash regularly topped up with a good screenwash additive that prevents freezing and clears oily grime.

You should check all of your lights work well including your indicators, reversing lights, brake lights, and fog lights. Keep an eye on any blown bulbs or even cracks on the lenses.

Power Steering
When you get your car serviced, you should ensure your hydraulic fluid reservoir is filled. Following this you should keep regular checks on it, especially before a long journey.

There are many different tyre checks you should take to ensure your tyres are safe and legal to drive. To find out more about some tyre checks you should take beforehand, click here.

Car safety checks are essential especially when it comes to battery problems, battery problems are one of the main reasons for breakdowns. Car batteries often need replacing every few years, so if you’re heading on a long journey, check you have enough charge in yours.

Jack, wheel brace, spare tyre
If you do need to change your tyre, make sure you have everything in place. Check that the jack, the handle, the wheel brace are in your car and they fit it! Also remember to check that you have your spare tyre and its not damaged.

Keep an eye out for any damage to your windscreen such as chips or cracks that may develop whilst on a long journey. Also remember to replace your windscreen wipers once a year to prevent any smearing.

This may seem an obvious one, but there have been many times people have started a long journey with no fuel! Remember to check you at least have enough to cover you off until your next pit stop at a petrol station.


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