3 top tips for the drive to Le Mans

Le Mans is one of the most iconic sport car races in Europe. One of the most prestigious races in the world, the 25 Heures du Mans is an exciting weekend for all car lovers. The weekend always starts with the pilgrimage to northern France for Brits as the atmosphere builds.

Choosing the Right Car

With such an important trip down to Le Mans, you have to make sure your car exudes luxury but is also comfortable for the drive. You will often see fleets of car clubs flocking across the channel from your classic British cars to the newest supercars from Lamborghini. If you’re looking for a Classic Car for the trip, check out Classic Prestige.

Safety Checks for the Drive

The drive to Le Mans is not a short one! Make sure your car is ready for the trip. There are many checks you should do including checking your engine oil, water levels, lights, and tyres. Also ensure that you have all the necessary equipment should you come into any troubles such as a jack, wheel brace, and spare tyre. Don’t forget the fuel! For more details on safety checks that you should take before a long trip, click here.

Driving in France

When you cross the channel, you have to remember that driving in France is very different from driving in the UK. When packing up the car, you have to remember to also bring reflective jackets, a warning triangle, headlamp beam deflectors, breathalysers, a GB sticker and spare bulbs. You will often find European Car Kits that have everything you need, but prepare before the ferry as prices will be high.

Enjoy the drive down. It is an epic experience filled with incredible cars and car lovers. Then, with a weekend of racing ahead of you, you’ll even more to enjoy.


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